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Guanwu Recreation Area
How to get on here (by car)?
(a) Taiwan National Hightway No. 3 → Jhulin System Interchange → Hsinchu Country Highway No. 120 →Jhudong → Hsinchu Country Highway No. 122 ( Nanqing Road ) → Cingcyuan → Dalu Forest Rd. → Guanwu

(b) Taiwan National Hightway No. 1 → Gongdao 5th Rd. System Interchange → Provincial Highway No. 68 → Hsinchu Country Highway No. 122 ( Nanqing Road ) → Cingcyuan → Dalu Forest Rd. → Guanwu

* You need to apply to Cingcyuan Checkpoint for Mountain Entry Permit. Please prepare your IDs or passports.

* Dalu Forest Rd. is lashed by typhoon again and again. Thus, the road is only suitable for medium sized buses and smaller vehicles. Hsinchu Motor Co. only provides public transport to Cingcyuan so most visitors to Guanwu provide their own transport.

* At the 20-kilometer-point of the East Branch of Dalu Forest Rd. is "Mount Syue and Mount Dabajian Conservation Area." It is required to apply for a Park Entry Permit to the Headquarters before entry to the conservation area. Shei-Pa National Park Police Brigade will fine those who enter without permission.
How to apply for the interpretation service?
Any organization or group of more than 20 persons with its own means of transportation can apply in a written form to the Headquarters for the interpretation service. Please use mail, fax, or online function to apply to the Interpretation and Education Division two week before your visit and attach the following information:

1. Group's name, visiting reason, member's number, address
2. Contact person's name, phone number
3. Visiting date Address: Interpretation and Education Division of Shei-Pa National Park

Headquarters, No. 100, Shueiweiping, Fusing Village, Dahu Township, Miaoli County, 36411, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Fax: 886-37-996351
Telephone: 886-37-996100 Ext. 850,854
The responsible organizations in charge of the Guanwu area are as follows:
(a) Hsinchu Forest District Office of Forestry Bureau (886-3-5224146): Dalu Forest Road (Tuchang-Guanwu), all of the hiking trails in Guanwu Recreation Area (Leshan Forest Trail, Kuaishan Big Tree Trail, Jhenshan Trial, Guanwu Waterfall Trail)

(b) Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters (886-37-996100): East Branch of Dalu Forest Road (Trailhead of Dabajian Mountain and Madara Creek)
Last Update Date:2017-06-01
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