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Wuling Recreation Area
What about Wuling area transport information and public transport?
There are presently two main routes to the Wuling area. Drivers from the north can take National Freeway No. 5 and join Provincial 9th Highway at Jiaoxi or Yilan, pass through Yuanshan, join Provincial 7th Highway A, then take Provincial 7th Highway in the Lishan-Wuling direction. Drivers can also exit at Luodong and take Provincial 7th Highway C in the direction of Sanxing, joining the Provincial 7th Highway at Tiansongpi and proceed in the Lishan-Wuling direction. From central and southern Taiwan, take National Highway No 3, change to National Highway 6 and head in the Puli direction, exit at the Puli-Wushe exit then take Provincial 14th Highway and, at Wushe, change to Provincial 14th Highway A and proceed to the Mt. Hehuan area, then take Provincial 8th Highway at Dayuling and head for Lishan, at Lishan then change to Provincial 7thth Highway and proceed to Wuling. From Taipei or Puli 3-4 hours is required. Fill up your tank with fuel before entering the mountains.

There are three ways of getting to Wuling by public transport:(1)Take a bus from Yilan main bus station 150 meters to the left of the railway station. There are two buses a day, at 07:00 and 12:40 and the journey takes about three hours. (2)Take an EZ Travel direct bus to Wuling Farm from east No 3 door of Taipei Main Station. The journey takes 4-5 hours. Interested parties should call (02)2314870. (3)Fengyuan Bus Co. Go to Fengyuan Bus Co main station outside Taichung Railway Station. There is one bus a day at 08:00. The journey to Lishan takes around six hours. After arriving at Lishan proceed to Wuling in another vehicle. The bus company number: (04)2523-4175 #228.

The Wuling Recreation Area is in the mountains and the road can be affected by heavy rain or closed for road work. It is recommended that before setting off people call Wuling Service Station on 25901316 or call the relevant construction section to ask about the road condition. Construction section phone no.::Dulishan Construction Section:(039)809601, Lishan Construction Section:(04)25989209, North Cross-island Highway Construction Section:(03)3822356
What formalities need to be completed before visiting Wuling Recreation Area?
1. At the present time entering the Wuling Recreation Area( and Wuling Farm and Taoshan Waterfall Trail) does not require a park entry or mountain permit.
2. The Sixiu, Da-xiao Jian, and Holy Ridge climbing mountain climbing routes require that a park entry and a mountain permit is obtained (can be obtained from Shei-pa National Park Police Corps, Wuling Police Squad, Zhiliang Police Station and Shengguang Police Station )in advance. Trail entry is only allowed after permits are inspected at the trailhead.
Where can the “national treasure” the Formosan landlocked salmon be seen in the Wuling area?
Formosan Landlocked Salmon Ecological Center is inside Wuling Visitor Center, the entrance at the side of Wuling Farm car park. There is a plank path that leads straight to the door of the center. The center is located on the river terrace on the lower reaches of Qijiawan River, connected to the main creek channel by a shelter channel. In addition to various research achievement displays and salmon related information, the center also has some Formosan landlocked salmon specimens in tanks indoors and an outdoor eco-pond. As for seeing the salmon in the wild, the best place to view them is the Fish Watching Platform on Wuling Road, the fish often seen coming to the surface or leaping from the water as they chase each other and pursue food in the pool. There are also interpretation signs that provide visitors with related information.
How do I apply for a Xue Mountain summit certificate?
The application process is very simple. Send your summit photo, date, telephone and address to the visitor center counter, send by email to the special summit certification application email address at or fax to (04)25901136where the application will be handled by a designated member of staff.

NT$300 in material costs is required for each certificate (this includes postage). If the application isn’t made in person the money can be remitted to “Shei-pa National Park Staff Cooperative” at a post office to Account:21867025. Write the sender’s name and telephone number on the remittance receipt, then scan a photo of the receipt and email it to the above email address or fax to 04-25901136.

If any of the above is not understood fully please call Wuling Visitor Center on 04-25901350 or check the related application procedure on the website.
Last Update Date:2017-06-01
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