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Traffic Information
King Bus(get off at Yilan Railway Station and walk 150 meters to the left to King Bus’s Yilan main station) ( to King Bus )
Travelling time : 2 hours and 45 minutes
Ticket price: NT$285(priority will be given to the announcements on the website)
Seat booking:039-384171 Toll-free service:0800-010138
Yilan*Wuling Farm 07:30、12:40 (Yilan to Lishan)
Wuling Farm*Yilan 09:10、14:10
Luodong*Wuling Farm 07:00、12:20 (Luodong to Lishan)
Wuling Farm*Luodong 09:10、13:40
e-go bus (every day, make reservation 3 days before the trip) ( to e-go )
Travelling time:4 hours / Taipei Main Station to Wuling Farm
Seat booking: 02-27965696
There:Taipei Main Station 07:20(Check-in at East Gate 3) *Wuling Farm 11:20
Back:Wuling Farm 14:00*Taipei 18:30
Fengyuan Bus Transportation Co., Ltd.(take in front of Fengyuan Railway Station, address: No. 46, Sanmin Rd., Fengyuan Dist., Taichung City)(to Fengyuan Bus Transportation Co., Ltd.)
Travelling time:around 7 hours (not including transfer time). One bus per day. The return trip leaves the next day.
Fengyuan Bus Transportation Co., Ltd. enquiries:04-36119263
First take a bus Fengyuan-Lishan, then transfer to a bus from Lishan to Wuling Farm
There: Fengyuan*Lishan 08:50
     Lishan*Wuling 16:50
Back:Wuling *Lishan 06:30
    Lishan*Fengyuan 08:00
Construction branches
Dulishan branch:039-809601
Lishan branch:04-25989209
Beiheng branch:03-3822356
Wuling Recreation Area Map


Last Update Date:2013-07-26
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