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Mountain Trails

 Xue Mountain Glacial Cirques
Xue Mountain Glacial Cirques
West Xue Trail, also called Dasyue Trail or SouthWest Xue Trail, is a long and forked trail that starts from Sancha Mountain around Cuei Pond at the west ridge of Main Peak of Xue Mountain, extending northward for 2 kilometers and turning to southwest. Over 3,000 meters mountains here include Bokeer Mountain (3,260), Huoshih Mountain (3,310), North Peak of Danan Mountain (3,148), Danan Mountain (3,239), Gongshuei Mountain (3,374), Touying Mountain (3,510), North Peak of Touying Mountain (3,195), Cijyun Mountain (3,519), West Peak of Fuwan Mountain (3,417), Fuwan Mountain (3,000), North Peak of DaXue Mountain (3,437), DaXue Mountain (3,530), Pipida Mountain (3,425), Kehan Mountain (3,075), North Peak of Jhihmahan Mountain (3,085), Jhihmo Mountain (3,145), and JhongXue Mountain (3,173).

Though this trail is high, Syueshan Horst in northeast shields the northeast monsoon from affecting the vegetation here, so that most mountains breed many erect arbors, such as firs, hemlocks, and Yushan Canes, through which West Xue Trail runs as a challenging trail. Besides, the trailhead of this trail is situated at the 28.5k-point of 230 Forest Road. Whether this trail is unimpeded or not has to do with the arrangement of the itinerary.
Route Planning
Day 1 Dasyueshan Forest Road in Dongshih*49K230 forest road beginning*26K Trailhead of JhongXue Mountain
 Day 2 Trailhead of JhongXue Mountain  110min* head to JhongXue Mountain to and fro with a light pack  120min* 28K discarded hut
 Day 3 28K hut  10min* 28.5K Trailhead  190min* mountain ridge  120min* Pipida Mountain*Dongan Campground
 Day 4 Dongan Campground  53min* DaXue Mountain  63min* North Peak of DaXue Mountain  150min* Cijyun Mountain ouying Mountain  120min* Gongshuei Campground 
 30min* Sian Campground of Danan Mountain
 Day 5 Sian Campground of Danan Mountain  15min* Trailhead of Danan Mountain for water  30min* head to Danan Mountain to and fro with a light pack  190min* Huoshihshansia Campground  40min* head to Huoshih Mountain to and fro with a light pack  40min* Huoshihshansia Campground
 Day 6 Huoshihshansia Campground  120min* Trailhead of Bokeer Mountain  65min* head to Bokeer Mountain to and fro with a light pack<  135min* head to Cuei Pond  15min* Cuei Pond Shelter
 Day 7 Cuei Pond*Main Peak of Xue Mountain  140min* Sanliujiu Hut (369 Hut)  40min* East Peak of Xue Mountain 
 155min* Qika Hut  50min* Trailhead of Xue Mountain


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