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Mountain Trails

 Pintian Mountain
Pintian Mountain
Wuling Quadruple Mountains refer to four famous mountains-Pintian Mountain (3,524), Chihyou Mountain (3,303), Tao Mountain (3,325), and Kalahei Mountain (3,133)-from west to east. This 10-kilometer-long ridge composed of four mountains is part of Xue Mountain Range extending northeast. The reason to name it Wuling Quadruple Mountains Trail is because this trail starts from Wuling Farm. The peach-shaped mountain, Tao Mountain, impresses every visitor by its conspicuous outlook.

Though as long as 10 kilometers, Wuling Quadruple Mountains Trail is not hard to walk on, for the horizontal journey is smooth and clear enough. It is worth to arrange a 3- to 4-day trip to visit Wuling Quadruple Mountains, where you will definitely leave with unforgettable memory in life.
Route Planning
Day 1 stay one night in Wuling Recreation Area*Wuling Suspension Bridge  100min* Trailhead of Chiyou Mountain  420min* Sancha Campground  60min* Xinda Hut
 Day 2 Xinda Hut  120min* head to Pintian Mountain to and fro with a light pack  140min* head to Trailhead of Chiyou Mountain with a full pack  20min* head to Chihyou Mountain with a light pack  20min* across Xinda Hut with a full pack  190min* Taoshan Hut
 Day 3 Taoshan*HutTao Mountain  155min* Kalahei Mountain 
 155min* back to Taoshan Hut  240min* Trailhead of Tao Mountain*Wuling Recreation Area
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