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Shei-Pa National Park and Bhutan National Park strengthen ties

  • Last edited date:2012-05-07

In continuation of a treaty signed in 2009 with Thrumshingla National Park and the Sekteng Wildlife Sanctuary of the Kingdom of Bhutan, the Taiwan-Bhutan Culture and Economy Exchange Association invited Dasho Karma Dukpa, Director of the Department of Forests and Park Services, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests of the Royal Government of Bhutan, as well as a number of delegates, to spend 17 days in Taiwan exchanging ideas.

 A press conference entitled “The 2012 National Park Exchange Project between Taiwan and Bhutan” was held April 9, 2012 at the Cathay Financial Holdings Taipei Conference Center. Lin Chin, Director of Shei-Pa National Park and Dasho Karma Dukpa exchanged memorial postal stamps issued by the central post offices of the two countries as a good will token.

Dasho Karma Dukpa said he is impressed by the conservation-recreation operations, modern management and scientific facilities of the national parks in Taiwan. In response, Lin Chin praised Bhutan for its effort in diminishing human interference and developing eco-tourism, and encouraged local professionals to learn from their Bhutan counterparts.


Taiwan representatives will share their experiences in combining guided tours with ICT, information and communications technology, with the Bhutan delegation.