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Guidelines on Foreigners’ Applications for Park Permit for the Conservation Areas of Shei-Pa National Park

  • Last edited date:2019-08-27

1.This regulation is established by Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters (hereinafter referred to as the Park Administration) to facilitate foreign hikers in applying for entry to the park,    and planning their trips to Taiwan in advance.

2.Reservation period and method:
Open for reservation from Sunday to Thursday, excluding continuous national holidays; 24 vacancies per day are reserved for foreigners at Qika Hut, Saliujiu Hut and Jiujiu Hut each.

3.Application eligibility:
The foreigner’s place of residence has to be a foreign address, except for exchange students and foreigners residing in Taiwan.

4.Applicant team and number of people:
Each team shall comprise 12 members, and may include local members; the ratios are as follows:
(1)Team with 1-5 foreigners may have 1 local team member.
(2)Team with 6-10 foreigners may have 2 local team members.
(3)A maximum of 4 locals may be included in the foreigners’ reservation quota for Qika Hut, Saliujiu Hut and Jiujiu Hut each.

5.Application period:
Application is open from 4 months before the date of exit to 35 days before the date of entry; vacancies will be released to “Standard Application” if the quota is not filled.

6.Application method:
Application shall be done online via “Online Application for Taiwan National Park Permits” within the application period. For details on application method and process, please refer to “II. Notes to online application for park permit” of “Application Guidelines for Entry into Shei-Pa National Park Conservation Areas”, as well as other relevant regulations, and enclose the relevant documents.

7.Matters not covered herein shall be handled in accordance with the National Park Law, public notices of prohibited actions, provisions outlined in the park entry permit application, and other relevant regulations.