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In order to enhance the information security management, Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters welcome all of you to surf on our website and use all kinds of service provided by the website without worry, thus elucidating in the following this website's privacy protection policy. With a view to protecting your own rights, please read the following carefully:

I. The scope of applying the website privacy protection policy

  • The privacy protection includes how this website handles your personal identification data collected when you use our website service.
  • The privacy protection is not applicable to other related link websites except this one, nor is it applicable to the personnel serving for other websites except this one.

II.The way of compiling and using the data

In an aim of offering you the best interactive service in this website, we might need you to provide your own personal information for the following usage:

  • When you use interactive service like service e-mail, questionnaire, and message board, this website will reserve the name, e-mail address, contact way, and using time that you offer.
  • In general surfing, this website server will automatically enroll relative usage, including your online IP address, using time, browser, and glancing and clicking records, all of which will only be the confidential reference for us to improve this website and will never be given out to others.
  • In order to provide accurate service, we will study and analyze those data compiled from the questionnaires first, and then present them with the figure or description after analysis. Depending on the situation, we will only give out the figure or description in need, but will never leak any personal information. Unless getting your approval or following certain regulations of other laws, this website will never expose your personal information to the third party or use it for other purposes except compilation.

III. The protection of the data

  • To protect this website as well as your personal information strictly, we quip our website's host with many kinds of information security systems, like firewall or antivirus system, and some necessary security protection measure. Only authorized personnel are able to approach your personal data. Those signing the non-disclosure agreement will receive severe related legal punishment if infringement.
  • If asked to offer service, this website will sternly abide by the non-disclosure obligation and further adopt necessary procedures to make sure the safety of the data.

IV. The message board of Shei-Pa National Park

If you want to join in this website's message board, please note that the data you leave on the board will be open to other users who use this board too. Furthermore, what is left on this board is only personal opinion, not the Headquarters' stance.

V. The foreign related links

This website provides internet links of other websites, by which you can click and enter other websites. But our privacy protection policy is not applicable to other websites you log on. Therefore, you have to take a look at the privacy protection policy they offer.

VI. The use of Cookie

With a view to offering the best service for you, this website will place and use our own Cookie in your computer. If you do not want our Cookie to be written in, you can set higher the privacy level in the browser's function column, a way that can refuse Cookie from being read in but might result in that some functions in this website cannot be normally carried out.

VII. The obedience to the law

All of your personal information compiled in this website will be offered to the judicial department or other governmental departments once we are shown a search warrant or subpoena based on the laws or other regulations.

VIII. The que stio n and access of the privacy right

If you have any question about privacy protection, welcome to e-mail to our information section in charge of this website at If you still have any question about how this website handles your personal information, or find anything wrong in it and want us to correct, you can also contact us by the same e-mail address. However, before we provide any information to you or do any correction, we will ask you to verify your identity and other related details. And we will do our best to respond to your requests within an appropriate period of time.

IX. The amendment of the privacy protection policy

This website's privacy protection policy will be amended in accordance with the need in the future. The amended articles will also be published on the website.