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Shei-Pa National Park Headquarter appeals to the climbers about safety in snow season.

  • Last edited date:2013-02-04

Climbing during the snow season requires the climbers not only be wary about their physical conditions, but also endure the harsh and cold climate while staying warm. Preparation, adequate gear and experience in similar climate are important for a climbing trip. Climbing in snow requires ice axes, crampons, harnesses, helmets, ropes…etc. It is important that climbers receive training accordingly prior to the climb. No preparation should be overlooked since a small error could jeopardize a climber’s life. 

Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters also advice all climbing teams chose an experienced guide or coach and all members of the team have experience in snow climbing or have received training regarding climbing in snow prior to the climb. All teams should bring enough adequate snow gear. 

Should the team leader find any members not feeling well, he or she must take responsibility and address the issue immediately before it is too late. The team leader shall not overlook any team member’s physical condition, nor delay the response to any issues. 

Frozen trails can be slippery. One can fall into the valley or fracture a bone if not careful. Be alert when passing through steep climbs, cliffs, or narrow passages, like the base of Dabajian Mountain. In winter, temperature is relatively low even during the day in the mountain. Climbers should be aware about the low temperature and take preventive measures against hypothermia.  

As a reminder, to hike the trails in the ecological conservation zones, one needs to apply for the Mountain Entry Permit and the Park Entry Permit and cannot make camp at unauthorized locations. For example, one needs to apply to stay or make camp at Qika Hut, Sanliujiu hut, or Cuei Pond Shelter to avoid disturbing wild animals in their natural habitats in Black Forest and Glacial Cirque on East Xue Trail-. According to the National Park Law and The Forestry Act, one can be fined or banned from the park if he or she violates the law by Shei-Pa National Park Headquarter accordingly.

For more information about the weather in the park, please call
04-25901316 (Wuling Station, Xue Mountain)
037-276300 (Guanwu Station, Dabajian Mountain)