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  Extention Duty
Director 102 / 103 Responsible for overall management of the park
Deputy Director 122 1.Acts as spokesperson for the national park headquarters.
2.Oversees tender issuing for major construction projects
3.Other allocated work
Chief Secretary 130 1.Supervises the preparation of documents.
2.Coordinates the work of various sections and offices.
4.Chairing or attending meetings
5.Other allocated work

Service Section

Service Section Extention
Planning and Management Section 400
Facility Maintenance and Construction Section 500
Recreation Service Section 600
Conservation and Research Section 700
Interpretation and Education Section 852


Office Extention
Secretariat 200
Accounting Office 320
Personnel Office 310

Service Station

Service Station Telephone
Wuling Service Station 04-25901316
Guanwu Service Station 037-276300
Xuejian Service Station 037-962188