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Message From the Director

Shei-Pa National Park is located in the Xueshan Range of northern and central Taiwan. It is a mountainous park with spectacular sceneries. The majestic Xue Mountain, Dabajian Mountain and the Holy Ridgeline, along with their natural landscapes, nurture abundant types and groups of important species. A natural habitat for some of Taiwan’s unique national treasures, like the endangered species, Formosan Landlocked Salmon (Oncorhynchus masou formosanus) and Taiwan Lesser Salamander (Hynobius fuca), it is a national park enjoying extremely rich natural resources. The mountain trails within the Park provide ecotourism activities satisfying the public’s recreational needs; it is the best place for enjoying beautiful landscapes and diversified natural resources.

The uniqueness of Shei-Pa has vested us with the heavy responsibility of protecting its special habitants, forest ecology and biodiversity. We have applied the results of conservation research on park guides and education, and developed ecological films, books and environmental education activities. We have also expanded our international cooperation and exchange by working with Bhutan National Park in organizing an international workshop on the conservation of forest canopy and environmental education exchanges, exhibiting new visions in various aspects.

For many years, we have strived to promote ecotourism activities in the recreational areas and neighboring tribal areas, in the hope of providing visitors with a more in-depth ecotourism experience. We will continue to improve traffic connectivity to the outside, link up the recreational areas and make the National Park more accessible to the public. By making use of various channels to guide the tourists in caring for the environment and respecting the tribes, we also aim to drive tribal development, protect the tribal living environment and increase tribal income, thus establishing effective partnership between Shei-Pa National Park and the local indigenous people.

Since its establishment, Shei-Pa National Park has achieved laudable results in environmental conservation, tourism, recreation and tourist education. We sincerely welcome you to visit Shei-Pa and experience Shei-Pa. The three main recreational areas of the Park are Wuling, Guanwu and Xuejian, providing various recreational information and tour guide services; they are the best places to start your tour of the Park. You are welcome to contact us via the director’s mailbox for any suggestions. We believe that with your support and participation, we will do even better.


Director of Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters, National Park Service, Ministry of the Interior