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Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters Awarded the 5th Government Service Quality Award

  • Last edited date:2013-06-27

The Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters (SPNPH) won the 5th Government Service Quality Award, adding to its growing list of honors!

The Government Service Quality Award is the highest honor for Taiwanese government agencies eager to enhance service quality. Of the estimated 1,000-plus administrative agencies eligible for the award scheme this year, including the Executive Yuan and its subordinate agencies, special municipalities, as well as county/city governments and their subordinate agencies, 173 were nominated after an internal review by first-class agencies; only 30 would pass the multi-judge panel in preliminary, semifinal and final reviews and become winners. In its year-long attempt to bolster service quality, the SPNPH constantly and proactively delves into problems, implementing innovations and improvements while showing remarkable results that have made it one of the 30 winners this year. The Executive Yuan held an awards ceremony for the Government Service Quality Award on Wednesday the 19th of June, 2:00p.m.-4:00p.m., at the 2F Convention Hall of the Civil Service Development Institute, where the winners were publicly recognized, in order to enhance service quality among all administrative agencies, and also to encourage government workers in their pursuit of innovation.

SPNPH Director Lin Ching said that Shei-Pa National Park’s efforts concerning innovative services and information circulation have proved noticeably fruitful, citing as examples the newly introduced SPNPH Facebook fan page, where up-to-date photographs or videos about the Park’s real-time activities and fauna/flora are uploaded and shared among fans, and have so far already received 13,734 “Likes”. Among the SPNPH’s considerable achievements in wildlife conservation, a population restoration program has drastically raised the number of Formosan Landlocked Salmon (Oncorhynchus masou formosanus)inhabiting the park from 253 in 1992 to 4,294 in 2011, and then to the current level of 5,479.

Regarding the indigenous affairs in the neighborhood of Shei-Pa National Park, the SPNPH has facilitated the preservation of indigenous traditions, launched a series of films among other promotional publications for Atayal Tribe’s Ancestral Spirit Ritual, and held fashion shows featuring outfits inspired by traditional Atayal costumes. Moreover, it offers consultancy for the Park’s neighboring indigenous communities, for developing eco-tourism as an aboriginal industry, while at the same time forging close-knit ties with them through the establishment of an Aboriginal Liaison

In the future, SPNPH will stay committed to its core value of sustainability, with protecting the natural and cultural resources in conservation areas being a top priority. It also vows to turn the Shei-Pa National Park into a model platform of eco-preservation, scientific research, environmental education and eco-tourism, and ultimately share sustainable resources with generations to come.