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  • Last edited date:2014-10-17

‘Peaks of Beauty: Shei-Pa National Park Garners Numerous Facebook Likes’ 

Have you ‘Liked’ the strikingly mountainous Shei-Pa National Park on Facebook yet? 

Addressing real-time recreation, conservation and research issues and news through exciting, content-rich articles and videos since its 2010 debut, the official Facebook page of Shei-Pa National Park (SPNP) has garnered a whopping 64,000 followers on the social networking site as of August 2014! 

SPNP is a high-mountain national park centered on Taiwan’s Xueshan (a.k.a. “Mt. Xue”) Range, with Mt. Xue and Mt. Dabajian being its two highlights. Due to its complex landscape, the Park is famous not only for magnificent high-altitude streams, among other visual extravaganzas, but also as an educational yet fun domestic travel destination, or “outdoor classroom,” with flora, fauna and cultural diversity. 

The SPNP Headquarters launched a Facebook page on June 15, 2010 in a new-media marketing effort expected to simultaneously bolster tourism services. Loaded with the latest and hottest information, photos and videos, collected and shared online by its editors and volunteers regarding travel, conservation and research activities in the Park’s four recreational areas, the Facebook page has been so popular that its subscribers topped the 10,000 mark in 2013 and has reached 64,000+ in August 2014, outperforming most agencies of the Ministry of the Interior Affairs in social networking effectiveness. 

Citing gratitude to supportive fans and the empowering “Likes”, the SPNP Headquarters vows to maintain its Facebook campaign with additional timely posts, columns and more innovative, subscribers-only features. Visit SPNP on Facebook ( for further details!