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News Update: Shei-pa National Park reminds climbers to get coverage from comprehensive insurance on mountain climbing before setting out for their mountain climbing quest

  • Last edited date:2015-04-16

With the introduction of comprehensive insurance on mountain climbing for over a year, this year (2015), it will also include coverage for rescue costs, making the coverage even more complete. As a reminder from Shei-pa National Park Headquarters, visitors could purchase the comprehensive insurance on mountain climbing before setting out on mountain climbing, as a way to provide a greater safeguard for themselves and their families. 

In the past, considering the potential risks during travel, people would normally purchase travel insurance. However, many insurance companies imposed restrictions on altitudes or the maximum amount after taking into consideration the higher risk of mountain-related activities. Furthermore, accidents caused by illness or disease were in general not covered. Therefore, in order to provide a more complete coverage from insurance policies during mountain climbing, the Financial Supervisory Commission worked with the Non-Life Insurance Association of the ROC and property insurance companies in 2014 to offer a comprehensive insurance for mountain climbing, with coverage including accidental injuries during mountain climbing activities (such as falling rocks or tripping) or incidents specified under contract (such as sun stroke, loss of temperature, mountain sickness, etc.) that led to death, incapacitation, or medical cost incurred, as well as cost for emergency rescues due to incidents that require search, medical care and transportation of bodies. 

Under the current comprehensive insurance on mountain climbing, purchase is possible for a party of 5 or more people. Mountain climbers get to choose the amount of insurance based on their own needs. However, coverage is limited to areas within Taiwan designated for mountain climbing. However, under the cost items for emergency rescue, non-insured items include those which occurred in an area where the insured did not obtain a permit when required to do so, or in an alert zone restricted or forbidden on entry, or ordered to leave by the Disaster Prevent Act, or the cost for emergency rescue that took place in areas announced by administrating agency as forbidden for entry. As a result, Shei-pa National Park Headquarters reminds climbers to observe all rules and regulations from the operating and administrating agency in order to prevent violation of the law and loss of coverage. 

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