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2021 Outline of Shei-Pa National Park

  • Last edited date:2021-05-03

In aspects of ecological conservation, in 2020, we completed 7 commissioned projects, including resources survey and habitat monitoring, held 3 sessions of serial lectures on ecological conservation, and received the best results in the conservation of Formosan landlocked salmon. The salmon population reached a record high of 12,587, reducing the risks of extinction of this natural treasure.

In aspects of mountain safety and services, we completed the revitalization and transformation construction project of Qika Cabin & Trailhead Service Station of Xue Mountain and the improvement project of the sign system in Wuling Quadruple Mountains Line, and held 3 sessions of serial lectures of ‘mountain-climbing ecology classroom.

In aspects of management, we held 5 sessions of organizational communication with communities and individuals and co-management meetings with indigenous peoples and completed the “Shei-Pa National Park Project (the third comprehensive review)” and “Survey Project of the cultural connotations of the traditional names (Atayal) of mountains, rivers and historical relics in Shei-Pa National Park.”

In 2021, we will continue to release Formosan landlocked salmon into the river habitats to expand its survival space, carry out the construction projects of Sanliujiu Cabin and Piaodan and Youpolan Shelters, and promote the educational activities of mountain climbing safety and environmental education activities.

Shei-Pa and Taroko National Parks jointly release Formosan landlocked salmons into Hehuan River

Guided reading of environmental picture books in the story house

Rescue training using ropes and stretchers