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2020 Outline of Shei-Pa National Park

  • Last edited date:2020-05-01

Situated in Northern Central Taiwan, the Shei-Pa National Park is an alpine national park harboring important species and cultures and providing a place for citizens to hike, receive environmental education and experience ecotourism.
In 2019, 8 commissioned projects and 1 commissioned research project were completed in relation to ecological conservation. In addition, based on the theme of ”exploring alpine ecology and raising conservation awareness”, we held 12 sessions of lectures on ecology and conservation, which attracted 1,238 participants in total, encouraging the public to explore the environment and ecology in an intimate manner. In 2019, the wild population of Formosan landlocked salmon was estimated to be 10,532, a record high and the only count exceeding ten thousand in 4 decades. 2019 was the 100th anniversary since Formosan landlocked salmon were scientifically named, and it marked the 25th year of Shei-Pa National Park’s restoration efforts of Formosan landlocked salmon. Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters celebrated the occasion by organizing the event of “Escaping Extinction, National Treasure Celebrates its Centennial,” which paid homage to the predecessors working on national treasure’s restoration and showcased the achievements of the 25-year Formosan landlocked salmon restoration program.
In terms of education and interpretation, 6 pieces of promotional materials were published. Eight hundred ninety-five themed activities and courses on school and social environmental education were held, in which 16,623 people took part.
In terms of improving service and safety in the alpine environment, we have completed the sign improvement project of Xuezhu (Main Peak of Xue Mountain) Trail, the final presentation of the Sanliujiu Hut (369 Hut) construction project, and the Dongxishui Mountain and Beikeng Mountain trail improvement project, held seven sessions of lectures in the mountain climbing ecology classroom, in which a total of 562 people participated. We continuously implemented the “snow season service” in line with the “mountain opening” policy of the Executive Yuan, so as to assist mountaineers in climbing mountains safely, based on our spirit of service.
In the aspect of management, we amended the “Prohibited Activities Regulations in the Domain of Shei-Pa National Park” by adding #17 regulating “political activities and actions with the potential to cause social disputes or conflict,” contacted various agencies and convened 4 indigenous people co-management meetings, and completed 4 sessions of public exhibition and hearings on “Shei-Pa National Park Project (The 3rd Comprehensive Review) Case.”
In 2020, we will continue to implement the comprehensive review of “Shei-Pa National Park Project”, work on releasing Formosan landlocked salmon into Sijielan River and Nanhu River in order to create new habitats for this national treasure and expand its growth space. In addition, we will continue to promote the construction project of Sanliujiu Hut and the rejuvenating, transformation and remodeling project of Qika Hut/Xueshan Trail Entrance Service Station, and publicize the mountain climbing safety education and environmental education experiencing activities, to provide citizens with a quality national park environment and services.

Snowfield training team: Post the designated campsite for snow season and mark the range of campsite in the cirque

The 100th anniversary of scientifically naming Formosan landlocked salmon & releasing activity

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