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2019 Outline of Shei-Pa National Park

  • Last edited date:2019-05-01

Situated in the Xue Mountain Range of North Central Taiwan, Shei-Pa National Park is an alpine national park harboring important species and populations, and providing a place for citizens to hike, receive environmental education and experience ecotourism.

In 2018, 5 commissioned projects and 1 commissioned research project were completed in relation to ecological conservation. One of them was the filming of “The Canopy of the Holy Ridgeline,” which won an award in the US Best Shorts Competition. Thirteen sessions of ecological conservation lectures were hosted, attracting a total of 1500 participants to cultivate citizens’ ability to explore the natural environment in their daily lives. Three thousand Formosan landlocked salmon were released into the river in the “2018 Protecting Species from the Source, a Cross-Park Collaboration.”    

In terms of interpretative education, 16 pieces of promotional materials were published, including the "Love for Shei-Pa” photo album, "Want to Fly” picture book and other brochures. Two hundred themed activities and courses on school and social environmental education were held, in which 16,623 people took part.

In terms of improving service and safety in the alpine environment, the placement of mile piles on the Xuejian Trail, the geotechnical investigation for constructing the Sanliujiu Hut (369 Hut), and the improvement project of Xueshan Main Peak summit marker were completed, 7 lectures on hiking ecology were held, in which 450 people attended, new signs of successfully reaching the 100 peaks of Taiwan were set up in the Park for hikers to take photos and maintain a clean environment, and the service period for the snowy seasons replaces the regulation period, assisting hikers to hike safely with a service-oriented spirit during the snowy seasons, which has received positive feedback from the hiking community.  

            In the aspect of management, Article 5 in the “Prohibited Matters in the Shei-Pa National Park” on regulations governing drones was amended, 5 meetings on the communication between various agencies involved and co-management with the aborigines were held, the renovations and the opening ceremony of Xuejian Visitor Center was completed to include the application of 3D paintings and AR technology, allowing visitors to experience and participate in environmental education through the mobile phone-guided tour mode. Four public hearings, 2 coordination meetings between central and local governments and 1 expert consultation meeting for the “Project on the Shei-Pa National Park (Third Overall Review)” were completed.  

In 2019, we will continue the overall review of the National Park Project, the construction of the Sanliujiu Hut and the installation of signs for the Xuezhu Trail, promoting the serial events celebrating the 100th anniversary for the restoration of Formosan landlocked salmon and experience activities for hiking safety education and environmental education, providing citizens with quality national park environments and services.