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2022 Outline of Shei-Pa National Park

  • Last edited date:2022-05-02

Shei-Pa National Park is located in the Xueshan Range in north-central Taiwan. It is a national park in an alpine zone with important species and populations, providing visitors a place for recreation, environmental education, and ecological tourism.
In 2021, with respect to conservation, we completed 11 commissioned projects, including resource surveys and habitat monitoring, and held four sessions of "Shei-Pa Conservation Lecture Series." This year, we found 8,542 individuals of the Formosan landlocked salmon population. Moreover, we worked with the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute to release Formosan landlocked salmon into their historical habitat at Piluchi basin to further expand their habitat range.
In terms of education, 236 events and environmental education lectures were organized. Additionally, the office was awarded the 2021 Wetland Medal by the Ministry of the Interior for the "Environmental Education of the Chichiawan Creek Wetland in Shei-Pa National Park," further enhancing the ecosystem service of the wetland and deepening the related environmental education. To improve the safety and services in the mountain area, the contractors started to carry out the construction work of the "369 Hut Construction Project" and the "2021 Refuge Cabin Construction Project"; three sessions of mountaineering and ecology classroom series were held. As the Executive Yuan lifted access restrictions on Taiwan's mountain and forest areas, we continue to offer services during the "snow season service period" to protect the safety of mountain climbers.
In terms of management, four inter-organizational and indigenous co-management meetings were held. The "Guidelines on Scholarships for Outstanding Indigenous Students Within and Around Shei-Pa National Park" was formulated. The "Regulations on Shei-Pa National Park's Subsidy to Organizations" and the "Prohibited Activities Regulations in the Domain of Shei-Pa National Park" were revised.
In 2022, we will continue to release Formosan landlocked salmon in rivers of historical habitats to expand the range of their habitats. We will also continue to carry out the construction works of the 369 Hub, Piaodan and Youpolan Refuge Cabins and promote mountaineering safety and environmental education.

Hiking while learning about valuable forest resources  

Understanding the difficulties Formosan landlocked salmon are facing through the kamishibai board 

Volunteers and participants erecting signs of a handmade trail 

Observing nocturnal species through observation boxes