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2023 Outline of Shei-Pa National Park

  • Last edited date:2023-04-27

Shei-Pa National Park, located in the Xueshan Mountain Range of northern-central Taiwan, is an alpine national park home to important plant and animal species and populations. It is also the place where citizens can go hiking for pleasure, carry out environmental interpretation and education, and conduct ecotours.

In terms of ecological conservation in 2022, we completed a total of 11 entrusted projects on resource surveys, habitat monitoring, etc., and organized 4 sessions of “2022 Shei-Pa Conservation Pioneer Lectures.” 2022 was a fruitful year for the conservation work of the Formosan landlocked salmon, whose wild population reached a record high (15,374).

For environmental interpretation, we held 665 sessions of themed activities and environmental education courses. The short film “The Legend of KoKo’ Ta’ya” was awarded the Best Educational Film in the 2022 Universe Multicultural Film Festival held in California of the United States. In the aspect of improving safety in alpine environments and services, we completed the “construction project of the Piaodan and Youpolan Huts,” organized 8 sessions of hiking ecology classroom lectures, and in line with the Executive Yuan’s Open Mountain and Forest Policy, carried out the “Snow Season Services” to ensure hiker safety.

In terms of management, we organized 6 sessions of agency communication and co-management meetings with indigenous peoples, launched the scholarships in 2022 for outstanding indigenous students within the range of Shei-Pa National Park  and from its neighboring communities, and held activities jointly with nearby agencies and schools on cultural traditions, ecological conservation and trips to connect with one’s roots in order to promote indigenous culture and build partnerships. 

    In 2023, we will continue the restoration and releasing of our national treasure -- the Formosan landlocked salmon -- into rivers of its historical habitats and develop the teaching plan related to its in-   depth environmental education; we will also continue to promote the construction project of Sanliujiu Cabin, so as to increase the awareness of hiking safety and popularize environmental education experience activities.

Images of  Guanwu – Walk and Learn Guanwu Trail

Youpolan Hut

A group photo of the trilateral co-management committee

Experience the local Atayal culture at Xuejian