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  • Day 1

    Lishan or Yilan→ Huanshan Tribe

  • Day 2

    Huanshan Tribe 50min→ Songbo Farm 70min→ Trailhead 150min→Sailiangjiou Campground 100min→ Piaodan Hut

  • Day 3

    Piaodan Hut 60min→ Jhihjiayang Mountain 200min→ former site of Syueshan Cabin 210min→ Main Peak of Xue Mountain 140min→ Sanliujiu Hut (369 Hut)

  • Day 4

    Sanliujiu Hut (369 Hut) 40min→ East Peak of Xue Mountain 155min→ Qika Hut 50min→ Trailhead of Xue Mountain→return trip by car

  • Map
    Zhijiayang route
  • Huanshan Tribe image
    Huanshan Tribe T97 E279771/N2690223

    Huanshan Pingdeng Elementary School or tribe church can offer accommodation. Privately run bed & breakfast inns in the Huanshan area are: Atayal Cultural Museum (Syueshan bed & breakfast): 886-4-2580-2315 Dajheng Recreational Bed & Breakfast: 88-4-2580-2332

  • Water at Trailhead of jinjiang Mountain T97 E277278/N2691615

    Since Piaodan Pool probably dries up, climbers should prepare enough water for one day usage at the creek in front of the trailhead. Besides, about 10-minute walk away from the trailhead, the second creek is rich in water too.

  • Sailiangjiou Campground T97 E276471/N2693783

    Around 2,700 meters high, this campground is a platform surrounded by the pinewoods. Tents can be stationed here, without water. There used to be a pluviometer but removed already.

  • Piaodan Hut T97 E275846/N2694443

    Lying next to Piaodan Pool, this hut can contain 6 to 8 people. Piaodan Pool never dried up before, but has happened several times in recent years. Since water source is unstable, it is better to prepare some water near the trailhead.

  • Former site of Syueshan Cabin T97 E274073/N2696732

    Built in 1929, Syueshan Cabin could contain 100 people at that time, becoming a platform now. Water is in the creek on the northeast.