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  • Day 1

    Taipei or Kaohsiung→Jhulin Interchange→Jhudong→Wufong→Guanwu→Trailhead of Madara Creek

  • Day 2

    Trailhead of Madara Creek 210min→ Jiujiu Hut (99 Hut)

  • Day 3

    Jiujiu Hut (99 Hut) 80min→ 3050 Upland 80min→ forked road of east saddle of Yizhe Mountain 20min→ Jhongba Shelter 40min→ Overlook near Jhongba ground 40min→ Dabajian Mountain 50min→ Xiaobajian Mountain 235min→ back to Jiujiu Hut (99 Hut)

  • Day 4

    Jiujiu Hut (99 Hut) 130min→ Trailhead of Madara Creek→Guanwu→return trip by car

  • Map
  • Trailhead of Madara Cabin image
    Trailhead of Madara Cabin T97 E269551/N2708588

    About 1,750 meters high, Trailhead Service Station of Dabajian Mountain is stationed here by the Headquarters. Before entry, it is required to apply for Mountain and Park Entry Permits in advance. Across the suspension bridge is the way toward Dabajian Mountain.

  • Jiujiu Hut (99 Hut) image
    Jiujiu Hut (99 Hut)T97 E271122/N2706979

    As a significant base for mounting Daba Peaks, the 2,700-meter-high Jiujiu Hut (99 Hut) has a capacity of 300 people. It is required to apply for Mountain and Park Entry Permits first before making reservations for beds in Jiujiu Hut (99 Hut). To reserve a bed, please call to Hsinchu Forest District Office of Forestry Bureau at 886-3-5218853.

  • 3050 Upland T97 E272618/N2706508

    Actually 3,100 meters high, 3050 Upland is so flat as to be equipped with an apron. The water in a black pool on the low-lying grassland there is not drinkable. Drinkable water needs to be carried from Jiujiu Hut (99 Hut).

  • Jhongba Shelter image
    Jhongba Shelter T97 E275475/N2706531

    Lying in the west saddle of Jhonbajian Mountain, the 3,280-meter-high Jhongba Shelter has been damaged, only in bare use. Water needs to be carried from Jiujiu Hut (99 Hut), for that in black pool is not drinkable.